DIY Acne Face Serum

I struggled with acne for years. It’s hard to put into words how much it can impact your self-confidence, and I’m pretty sure that many have sailed in the same boat. I spent a lot of time looking for ways to clear up my acne. Many of the methods I tried would sort of work for a while but ultimately the results never really lasted.

I decided to deal with them a little more close to natural way. I took matters in my own hands and created nothing else but a DIY Acne serum. If you have dark acne scars or other forms of hyperpigmentation on your skin, you are going to love this DIY Acne serum. It totally helped me to feel better about my own skin.

DIY Acne Serum Recipe

The following items are what you will need to make the DIY Face Acne Serum:

  1. A glass bottle, preferably with a dropper (should be at least 1 oz.)
  2. Jojoba Oil (enough to fill 1/4th of the bottle)
  3. Argan Oil (enough to fill half of the bottle)
  4. Lemon Essential oil (8 drops)
  5. Sweet Almond Oil (enough to fill 1/4th of the bottle)


  • Argan oil: This smooth golden oil is what we’re going to be using as our base ingredient. It is one of the best oils for acne. That’s because it has a pore clogging rating of ZERO! Which means it’s not going to clog up your pores whatsoever.
  • Sweet almond oil: It is a wonderful carrier oil choice for skin lightening – it’s been used for ages to lighten and brighten skin.
  • Lemon essential oil: It is well-known for its skin-brightening effects. Lemon juice is also effective – many people lighten their skin by using fresh lemon slices. I find that using safely-diluted lemon oil isn’t quite as harsh.
  • Jojoba Oil: And lastly, this oil works greatly for aging and acne prone skin. Also helps to lighten and even out the skin tone.


How to Make DIY Acne Serum at Home

According to the recipe, there is quite a blend of essential oils needed in order to make this serum. You might be thinking, oil? For Acne prone skin? Worry no more! This essential oil blend is going to do nothing but benefit your skin, and it works for all skin types. It absorbs easily and leaves your skin feeling smooth and not at all greasy.

Following steps are to be taken in order to make the DIY acne serum:

  1. Make sure the glass bottle is clean and fill half of it with Argan oil.
  2. Now add enough Sweet Almond oil that the bottle becomes 3/4th parts full.
  3. Next, add enough Jojoba oil so that the bottle reaches the almost full mark.
  4. Add 8 drops of lemon essential oil and shake well!

Your DIY Acne serum is ready to use.

How to Apply DIY Acne Serum

The best way to gain benefits from this DIY acne serum is to apply it every night on a clean face. Start doing this procedure regularly and you’ll see results in no time!

Tips & Instructions

  • Make sure to never put the DIY acne serum in direct sunlight
  • Always use a glass bottle to store all kinds of essential oils
  • Quit using the blend if your skin feels irritated

This DIY acne serum has worked wonders for me, do try and let us know how well it works out for you!