DIY Face Serum For Mature Skin

At a young age, we pay less attention and don’t give a second thought about taking care of our skin. Because of too many hours in the sun and harsh acne treatments, our skin has to pay the price. If I only knew then what I know now.

Although it’s always best to start taking care of your skin at an early age. So yes, the sooner the better!

But because we can’t go back to our twenties-best case scenario would that we try to make better choices these days. This includes avoiding ‘beauty’ products containing questionable ingredients and making a lot of our own personal care products. Not only is it fun to DIY, but when you make your own, you know exactly what is in it. So, I can say with assurance that you will absolutely love this DIY Face serum for Mature Skin.

DIY Face Serum For Mature Skin Ingredients

You will be needing the following items to make the DIY Face Serum for Mature Skin:

  1. A glass container – ½ oz with dropper
  2. ½ oz rosehip seed oil (it’s important to use organic, unrefined rosehip seed oil)
  3. 6 drops organic Frankincense essential oil
  4. 2 drops organic Lavender essential oil

The main ingredient in this DIY Face Serum for Mature Skin is Rosehip Seed Oil. Rosehip Seed Oil is from the seeds of a wild rose bush in Chile. This is a great carrier oil option for mature skin because it contains the Vitamins C and A. It is also high in essential fatty acids including linoliec, linolenic, and oleic acid and absorbs easily into the skin. Great for rejuvenating and evening out your skin tone.

Rosehip seed oil is amazing for the skin and the super important secret ingredient in this recipe. This is a carrier oil you can add into loads of DIYs, so it’s worth having around the house for many other applications.

Lavender and Frankincense oil are nothing less than holy grail essential oils for your skin and much more.

The best kind is to use the unrefined oil-the less processed, the better!

DIY Face Serum for Mature Skin Recipe

To make the DIY Face Serum for Mature Skin, all you have to do is add all ingredients to a ½ oz dark glass bottle with dropper and shake. Your serum is ready to use!

How To Use DIY Face Serum For Mature Skin

The best way to use this serum is at night-time. Take a few drops in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together to warm it up and then apply it to your skin. Apply it in upwards motion with a firm grip while doing the process.

Tips To Keep in Mind

  • Make sure to store the DIY Face Serum for Mature Skin at room temperature and away from direct sunlight
  • The serum will only benefit you if you use it regularly
  • Make sure not to use an excessive amount of the serum on your face as your skin will end up becoming oily

We hope this DIY Face Serum for Mature Skin works out for you. Do try this amazing DIY and let us know your feedback!