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Vitamin C + Enzyme After Shower Body Oil Zero Waste

Vitamin C + Enzyme After Shower Body Oil Zero Waste

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This organic body oil is a quick absorbing and packed with goodness!

It includes moisturizering sunflower oil, papaya enzymes and pineapple enzymes that gently exfoliate and a pure form of vitamin C for a glowing body and super soft skin!

The combination of mandarin and fragrance oils give a fresh tropical scent that’s sure to be your favorite.

Use this vitamin C body serum/oil in place of your daily lotion or as a vitamin serum by applying to your body before your moisturizer.

Why use enzymes???

The upper layer of your skin is mostly made of dead skin cells. The enzymes work by specifically breaking down the old layers resulting in fresh, smoother skin.

While the enzymes gently exfoliate, the antioxidant properties of the vitamin C play a role in keeping a youthful appearance.

These serum ingredients are a powerful combination for skin health.

Ingredient Highlights:

Sunflower oil is a quick absorbing oil high in Omega-6 (linoleic) fatty acid along with Vitamin E.

Papaya Enzymes have phytochemicals present that help promote an even skin tone. The enzyme papain, along with with the alpha-hydroxy acids, acts as a powerful exfoliator and dissolves inactive proteins and dead skin cells.

Vitamin C is a super anti-oxidant that can help give the skin a healthier look.

To Use:

Apply serum oil to body avoiding sensitive areas. Can be used alone or under moisturizer.

Recommended to apply right after shower or bath

Shake well before using.


4 ounce glass bottle with pump lid
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